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blablabla1_r2_c2.jpgVoici quelques unes de mes réponses à des questions qui sont souvent posées lors de l'entretien d'anglais...


To be a teacher ? :

I would like to be a teacher because work with children is very interesting. Moreover, I want to share values and knowledges. Then, I think it is a very dynamic job, always in evolution.


How to teach english? :

I would like to teach english with nursery rhymes, games, software programs, video clips...Nowadays, it is very important to talk english. I look forward to teach my first pupils. It is a dream for me and I know that I am capable. During my training, I saw an english lesson, the teacher used pictures and children had to say "what is it", then, they sang in english.


Younger or older pupils?

It doesn't matter for me to teach younger or older pupils. Before my training, I was afraid of nursery school because pupils don't know how to read and write, and I wondered if nursery school was not just a nursery! I have totally changed my point of view during my training and now, I have no preference.


The curriculum :

English teaching at primary school aims the acquisition of the level A1 of the Common European Reference Frame of Language.

--> to understand, to react and talk, to communicate with simples words, to use elementaries expressions, to find its words

-->to read and write

-->privileging the oral communication

CP : first awareness

CE1 : talk and write

CE2/CM2 : vocabulary, grammar, lifestyle on England

-->curiosity, listening, attention, memorisation, self confidence, vocabulary about people and daily life.

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